Sacramento Rentals and Sacramento Property Management Companies

Wow, this market sure is amazing.  We are seeing more rentals available now than ever seen in Sacramento.  On the same toke, there are more Sacramento Property Management Companies than we have ever seen as well.

There is some good to this and some bad to it as well.  While the industry is doing better, the rental industry anyways.  There is definitely some bad as well.  What we are seeing is that many Realtors are losing their “for sale” listings due to expired listings.  When this happens they see dollar signs flying out of the door.  They lover real estate, but the truth is that there is just no money in sales unless you are the guy for your area for REO and BPO and short sales.  Bottom line.  And even then it is very sketchy.  However, as a property manager, you can create reliable, steady income that is there every month.  And, it is in high demand because of the abnormally large number of Investors buying properties right now.

So the bad side is that most of these Realtors have no business being a property mgr.  The problem is that the 2 skill sets are totally different.  Totally.  A realtor business model is in and out, not relationship to guard over the years, no constant communication, and definitely minimal paperwork.

Property Management is just no that way.  There is tons of paperwork, legal requirements.  We are seeing every day how Realtor think they can do it, get into the industry by taking on a few properties and get themselves and possibly their owners into trouble with wrong paperwork such as evictions, notices to pay rent done incorrectly, etc.  Even security deposits, if handled incorrectly can get you into trouble.

We are a proven Sacramento Property Management Company and have been helping Investors and Property Owners with their rentals for years.  Call us for help in managing your most important assets.

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